Sitemap - 2018 - Decoding AI®

Harvard Business Review: waiting to adopt AI might not work • AI based consumer apps • How to be a data-driven team • State of European Tech 2018

Algorithms are better for less biased decisions • Should banks lose sleep over the fintech revolution • Machine learning can spot hackers who have already broken in • Germany plans 3 billion in AI investment

McKinsey: adoption of AI advances • How to Teach AI Some Common Sense • Biometrics: fake fingerprints can imitate real ones • Ways Google And Grammarly Use AI To Improve Our Writing

McKinsey: The promise and challenge of the AI age • One of the founders of AI is worried about its future • Machine learning, meet quantum computing • Public Attitudes Toward Computer Algorithms

How Banks Can Lead the Shift to AI-First • Harvard wants to school politicians about AI • Singapore's MAS promotes responsible AI • Machine Learning for Beginners

Neuroevolution: a kind of deep learning • 8 Mobile Security Startups Using AI • The Long-Lasting Disruption of AI • The secret weapon to customer engagement?

Establishing an AI code of ethics • Harvard just put more than 6 million court cases online • Baidu challenges Google • Apple CEO warns on privacy

• BCG's Business transformations that work and why • Data's credibility problem • Sizing the potential value of AI and advanced analytics • AI driven investing

McKinsey's AI problems and promises • How Society Can Maintain Human-Centric AI • Quantum computing developments • How a Cyber Attack Could Cause the Next Financial Crisis

How AI can influence governance • Digital leaders in innovation • IOT implementation • AI investments and wealth management market movements: Schroders

Nokia's Chairman: AI education starts from the top • IBM software to detect AI bias • Investments in AI • Capitalism and big data

Bank of England's vision of the future of finance • AI is overhyped • 10 steps to adoption AI in the enterprise • How to think about Machine Learning

J.P. Morgan update on innovation with AI • How AI can make your customer journey magical • Citi: The Future of Banking 2018 report • Google, Microsoft and Startups are going to war on conversational AI

McKinsey: why digital strategy fail • Microsoft on facial recognition technology • China Internet report 2018 • Staying Ahead of the Game with Artificial Intelligence

Morgan Stanley builds its own AI • The Dangers of a 'Digital First' Strategy in Banking • If an AI creates a work of art, who owns the rights to it? • How human should humanoid robots look?

Data Analytics Is The New Co-Pilot For Every CIO • Important Questions of 2018 in Data Science • Making Advanced Analytics Work for You • How to Overcome the Inertia That Keeps Businesses From Deploying AI

Deloitte & MIT global executive study 2018 • Difference Between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning • DARPA To Fund New AI Concepts • Banking Made Easy With Predictive Analytics

Top AI Books to Read in 2018 • UBS Investment view - August 2018 • Your Organization Is a Network of Conversations • IBM researchers train AI to follow code of ethics

61% of financial companies to use AI • AMEX and Amazon alliance • Leadership: your team and higher purpose • Socially responsible automation

Harvard Business Review: The business of AI •Teaching machines to understand • Customer engagement with AI • Robo-Advice and what you should ask

Morgan Stanley to build its AI • Emotion-Sensing in the workplace • RBC to spend $3.2 billion • AI Nationalism

A way to find out if AI has become self-aware • AI and home lending • Stitch Fix algorithms • Harvard is building artificial brains

What companies really need to know about AI • How AI is disrupting the ETF industry • AI in insurance • CB insights on future of finance • PwC: unlocking automation value

How AI is transforming banking • A Beginner’s Guide to Machine Learning Algorithms • Business Process Reimagined: AI at Work • Where is State Street deploying AI?

Global Wealth 2018: Seizing the analytics advantage • Explainable AI • JP Morgan data scientist on mining and machine learning • How AI can influence Governance, Risk, and Compliance

JP Morgan is unleashing AI in treasury services • Why should banks join the cloud? • Tech breakthroughs megatrend: Technology • How AI is used to improve CRM for the insurance industry

MIT 2018 digital global executive report • AXA + ING digital bancassurance partnership • UBS: banking jobs will completely change • Royal Bank of Canada spend $2.3bn on tech

McKinsey on achieving business impact with data • Getting value from machine learning • China brings AI to high school curriculum • Why your financial adviser should embrace technology

Deloitte report on open banking 2018 Artificial Intelligence — The Revolution Hasn’t Happened Yet A-to-Z guide to the Internet of Things AI in the factory of the future

McKinsey: building the corporate bank of the future • To innovate like a startup, make decisions like VCs do • The politics of machine learning algorithms • Claims in the digital age: how insurers can get started

Digital transformation and digital culture • Reflections from the CEO of Macquarie Group 7 habits of highly effective digital transformations Who will need banks? crypto and the future of banking

Ten things you should know about AI • New business model with AI: Goldman Sachs •Thoughts on AI: how bias can shape data insights • Business growth with AI: Ant Financial

J.P. Morgan is serious about AI Data Science in Fintech Top 5 tips for using AI in your business China aims to steal US AI crown

Six digital growth strategies for banks •How Big Data and AI Are Driving Business Innovation • Sizing the potential value of AI and advanced analytics • How voice technology is transforming the way we transact

AI in InsureTech • Insurers face AI liability issue • Mastering a new AI-driven insurance world • Business Intelligence in insurance industry

Fintech Trends to Watch in 2018 • 3 Strategic Questions Keeping Banking Execs Awake at Night •AI use cases: Wealth management and Retail banking

Reshaping Business With Artificial Intelligence • WealthSimple launches savings accounts • Five Management Strategies for Getting the Most From AI • Podcast: The Golden Era of Productivity

Inside the black box • 10 Breakthrough Technologies • Lloyds Bank commits over £3bn to new strategic plan • IoT & Big Data Trends in Finance • How Blockchain Could Disrupt Banking

A CEO’s guide to business digital reinvention • A.I. in banking and payments • Technology vision 2018 • How big data will affect insurance?

Using machine learning for insurance pricing • Banking’s Amazon Moment • How Companies Say They’re Using Big Data • Wealthsimple raises £37 million to fuel growth

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Strategic Transformation? • Competitive Survival in Banking Hinges on Artificial Intelligence • Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in banking • Virgin Money spends £38.3 million to build new digital bank

Credit Suisse: A.I. in action • The FT A.I. could upend the laws of finance • 10 Banking Channel Metrics That Have Changed Dramatically • Machine learning evolution ( infographic)

UBS says AI could boost banks' revenues by 3.4% and cut costs by 3.9% over the next three years • Robots can now forecast company fundamentals • Managers Will Put Off Hard Decisions If They Can • Google and Amazon are ready to disrupt SME lending

• McKinsey: What AI can and can’t do (yet) for your business • 7 Ways AI is Set To Impact Financial Services in 2018 • Study case: How One Company Made Its Analytics Investment Pay Off • 25 Digital-Only Banks to Watch

• Bots are about to get better at customer support than humans • Four AI Applications Banks and Credit Unions Can't Ignore in 2018 • Google leads in the race to dominate artificial intelligence • AI and Deep Learning in 2017 – a year in review

• McKinsey and the future of finance function • Why AI could be entering a golden age • CxOTalk: what's stopping banks from embracing latest technologies

• McKinsey A.I. in capital markets • Goldman Sachs: a reminder • A CEO action plan for workplace automation

McKinsey: the time to act is now with AI; MIT Review on decade of disruption form AI; Charles Schwab' smart robo-advisor tools; Institute for Analytics: AI=analytics; How Central Banks Are Using Big Data to Help Shape Policy

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