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How insurance can mitigate AI risks • Stanford HAI 2019 AI index • 2020 AI Breakthroughs • On the Measure of Intelligence • Enterprise AI adoption • PODCAST: AI, Accountability, and Power

AI Predictions 2020 • AI in financial services • Guidelines for AI procurement • Measuring emotions in the digital age • Computer Vision webinar series • Fairness and AI

Ethical Framework for a Good AI Society • How Machine Learning Pushes Us to Define Fairness • The ethics of AI Is Deep Learning a Game Changer for Marketing Analytics? • Euro Cloud Initiative • EU Commission will affect data centers

McKinsey: Banks Must Act Now • Three Steps to Implement AI • The Present and the Future of AI • Fidelity’s search for the technology of tomorrow • AI is now a must-have in financial services

Building a Culture That Embraces Data and AI • The C-Suite’s Role in Cybersecurity • The Roadmap to Personalization in Banking

Revamping risk culture in the digital age • Successful digital transformations • What can AI and Big Data do for finance? • Neural network reconstructs human thoughts • AI at JPMorgan Chase

The Board’s Role in Strategy • When Is It Important for an Algorithm to Explain Itself? The Three Ages of AI – Figuring Out Where We Are How to Build Great Data Products 18 Best Artificial Intelligence Courses

McKinsey: Financial crime and fraud in the age of cybersecurity • AI trained to spot spoofing stock fraud • What does it mean for a machine to “understand”? • A new map of how the brain is wired • Future of AI’s impact on society

MIT Sloan Review: AI in Business Gets Real • Building an AI-Powered Organization • An Introduction to Data Ethics • The Ethics of AI in the Workplace • How Our Brains Decide When to Trust

AI permeates capital markets • Privacy and data sharing • Different ways for companies to innovate

Legal and Ethical Implications of Using AI in Hiring • Quantum Computing Use Case Roadmap • The Space of Possible Minds

Decoding AI in Financial Services • The Future of Finance is Data-Driven • Corporate Governance and Emerging Technologies

CEOs not seeing the big picture on big data • Digital in wealth management • Book: AI for boards and professionals in financial services

AI essential guide for boards • Traders need to code • The state of AI in the enterprise • America's most promising AI companies

Artificial Intelligence Decoded • Can Artificial Intelligence Generate Corporate Strategy? • What is Business Architecture? • A Quick Guide to Unsupervised Learning

How to make technology work for society • Does your bank have an ethical data culture? • High Court judgement on the use of live facial recognition • AI and women in the workforce

Big Tech expansion into financial services • What does your data mean? • AI applications in banking • When Hollywood, politicians and social media meet (video) • The evolution of the human brain (podcast)

An Introduction to Data Ethics • The Future of AI • Overcoming AI Bias • How to detect fraud in less than 3 milliseconds

Six reasons why AI projects fail • Full robo-advice impossible to regulate • Northern Trust applies machine learning to securities lending • AI and the antitrust challenges

Harvard Business Review: Three things AI can already do for your business • AI Ethics Guidelines Every CIO Should Read • Artificial Intelligence and Decision-Making in HR • International human rights law and algorithmic accountability

How to build an AI-powered organisation • Data theft at Capital One • Chief Data Officers struggle to make a business impact • Transformational strategies: capital markets, banking, and asset management • The Next Decade in Quantum Computing

Harvard Business Review: what is AI-Driven Decision Making ? • Technology and the Boardroom • 2019 Asset and wealth management trends • AI Ethics Guidelines Global Inventory • Artificial Fiction: when robots tell each other stories

McKinsey: AI and the future of work • Uber is pivoting to fintech • Facial recognition U.S. companies • AI ethics checklist

World Economic Forum: AI is changing cyber attacks • Precision banking or surveillance ? • Digital transformation in banking • How to protect your digital identity

MIT: How AI Can Lead Corporate Strategy • Artificial Intelligence and Law • Ethical procurement is the only way forward for business • What role does big data play in the insurance industry?

Fund administration and AI transformation •  Your company needs a strategy for voice technology • Alibaba already has a voice assistant significantly better than Google’s • An executive’s guide to AI

Who should decide how algorithms decide? Computer Vision: AI cutting edge technology overview Forbes Insights: AI Goes To High School 1983: Isaac Asimov predicted the world of 2019

5 European companies advancing AI • Monzo Bank advancements with AI • Conversational AI and user experience • AI transforms labour market

Harvard Business Review: Boards' roles in setting strategy • AI myths and reality • Goldman Sachs' Marcus team • Ethical challenges in recommending systems

MIT how to build a digital ready culture • When robots tell each other stories • Algorithmic trading system is taken to court • Microsoft speech generation

Harvard Business Review: AI in recruitment • Regulations for AI companies • AI in family offices • McKinsey: Ethics of AI

McKinsey: AI in insurance 2030 • Five top AI trends in 2019 • Questions that define enterprise digital transformation • What is a data lake ?

Hoover Institution: how ML will transform work • Explainable AI and its promise • Machine Learning in finance • AI adoption has tripled over the past year

McKinsey: the risks of AI • Explainable AI • AI breakthroughs likely in the next 5 years Human-centered design AI

Harvard Business Review: How to start an AI center • Lombard Odier: The future with AI • AI integration needs AI competence • Humans are needed for AI deployment

McKinsey: how to scale analytics • World Economic Forum: Fintech revolution • Algorithmic Bias was born in 1980s • What is edge computing?

JP Morgan: AI for client services • Example of building an intelligent company • Does Artificial Intelligence Replace Thinking? • The Rise of AI Makes Emotional Intelligence More Important

Goldman Sachs: ETFs Focused On AI • McKinsey: the 'how' of transformation • AI and insights in financial services • AI for beginners

Emotion AI, explained • BlackRock's biggest rivals are tech giants • How machines see images impact how marketers design • Responsibility in the age of AI

Barclays: machine learning in investment management The Future of AI - multitasking machines AI and marketing AI, airlines and share price

Rise of AI in the financial services • How banks can compete with Fintech • AI in Swedish banks • Jobs which AI creates

McKinsey: transformation in insurance • How to choose your first AI project • Amazon Bank ? • AI ethics and face recognition

PwC: Boardrooms aren't prepared for AI • Lawyers and AI • How Jobs Will Change to Adapt to automation • Harvard Business Review: Big data and small minds

How to choose your first AI project • Transforming industries with AI • Machine learning interpretability resources • Neuroscience and AI

Top 100 AI companies • How AI bias happens • A new approach for machine transliteration using RNNs • Tencent releases 18 million training images

Amazon in financial services • TD Bank investments in AI • 10 ways to prepare for the AI revolution • IBM invests $2 Billion in AI lab

Apple CEO: it's time for action on data privacy • Why artificial intelligence is yet to boost the economy • What AI can and can’t do for your business • KPMG: The five most important new AI jobs

Harvard Business Review: why we need to audit algorithms • AI overcoming professional bias • AI focused investment funds • Answering the big questions about big data