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No One Should Trust AI; Geopolitics of Financial Data; The AI Problem in 1956

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Personal Announcement • Capital Markets After The Pandemic • The FT: The Impact of AI on Business and Society • The Business Case for Ethical and Trusted AI • Artificial General Intelligence

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EU Digital Finance and Retail Payments Strategies • Financial Sector Leading the way in using AI • Big Techs Entering Asset Management • Correlation Doesn't Mean Causation

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Bank of England: Machine Learning in UK Financial Services • What Can Deep Learning Do for Your Business? • On Neuroscience • Recommended Reading

Explainable AI Must Be Grounded In Board Directors' Risk Management • How to Prevent AI Dangers With Ethical AI • 10 Principles of Change Management • On Consciousness and Truth

McKinsey: An executive’s guide to AI • How Do You Make Sure AI is Trustworthy? • Invisible Women Programmed America's First Electronic Computer • How to Define Life

CAPGEMINI: Unlocking value in digital transformations • Chatbots Benefits, Key Features • Reimagining the Boardroom for an Age of Virtual Reality and AI

MIT SLOAN: Reshaping Business With Artificial Intelligence • Why Many Strategies Fail • J.P.Morgan Guide to Machine Learning • Challenges of Fairness in AI Decision

AI Success Checklist • Governing AI in Banking • Machine Learning Algorithms Explained • U.S. Leadership in AI

OECD: Artificial Intelligence in Insurance 2020 • Global Banking Annual Review • BBVA prepares for quantum leap • Privacy and 'Homomorphic-like' Data Encryption

Machine Learning Global Study • Why AI Is The Future of Financial Services • The Truth About Corporate Transformation

The Next Frontier in Digital and AI Transformations • Every Tech Company Wants to Be a Bank • Global Survey on Digital Regulation • Top 10 Podcasts on AI

Bank of England: Machine Learning in UK Financial Services • Will the Future of Work be Ethical? • The New Analytics of Culture • Developing an AI Ethics Framework

Company boards aren't ready for AI • What AI Can and Can’t Do • AI in Capital Markets • Ethics and Governance of AI

McKinsey: Adapting your board to the digital age • Leading in the Age of Transparency • What it really takes to scale artificial intelligence • The rise of alternative data

Delloite: The Investment Bank of the Future • Achieving AI Excellence in Insurance • New imperatives for European banking • 6 Cloud Migration Questions for CFOs • The Neuroscience of Consciousness

Assessing the Value of Corporate • Data Thriving in a Digital Ecosystem • What if technologies challenged our ethical norms? • Interview with Sir Roger Penrose

How CEOs can help lead technology transformations • Life in 2030 • European authorities to rethink fintech regulation • How to achieve explainability in AI • The neuroscience of consciousness

AI will be crucial to companies • KPMG: How AI has become embedded in the fabric of business • 10 markers of a great cybersecurity program • Machine Learning well-architected framework

JP Morgan report on Alternative Data • Why firms are failing to become data-driven • Bank of America: R&D efforts pay off • AI Governance and Risk Management • Adversarial Interoperability

McKinsey: How CIOs can weather the current crisis • Why business is always an act of sabotage • Startups fundraising in 2020 • Rethinking how value is created • Artificial humans • Ethical challenges of digitalization

Alternative data meets Fintech • ML in the cloud enhances the financial data journey • Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humans • Bias And Perception

Managing the Cyber Risks of Remote Work • IMF: Policy Responses to COVID-19 • AI technology’s future • The Artificial Intelligence Index • Pandemic Puts Moral Philosophy to the Test

Boards COVID-19 checklist • MIT: The globalAI agenda • Data management strategy needs integrated analytics • LegalTech Guide for Corporate Legal Teams

McKinsey | Coronavirus' business impact • AI, Fintech, Pandemics: A New Normal • New Leadership Playbook for the Digital Age • The Power Of Doubt • Unlocking Secrets of Human Brain • The Science of Well-Being

Guidelines regarding coronavirus pandemic • AI adoption proves its worth • AI in Banking with Clara Durodie • Scotiabank donates $750,000 for ethical AI • Algorithmic bias is not the problem • Neuroscience and AI

European Commission's White Paper on AI • 5 Ways Companies Can Adopt Ethical AI • Tech Trends 2020 • Three Habits of Mind • How Will You Measure Your Life?

* Harvard Business Review: Your Chief Data Officer * EU: Artificial Intelligence may be life or death for you * AI in Banking, Interview with Clara Durodié * Tech Ethics from Within Moral Philosophy * AI Ethics Guidelines: Global Landscape  

World Economic Forum: AI Will Transform Financial Services Industry within 2 Years • AI in investment management • Finovate Europe 2020: 6 takeaways • Goldman Sachs is expanding fast in retail banking •How to succeed in uncertain times

EY: Why AI will redefine the financial services • The real reason most ML projects fail • 2020 US Wealth Management Outlook • The Economics of AI • Can Silicon Valley be more ethical?

Capgemini: AI Implementation Kit • Buying and Adoption Readiness for AI • AI Needs Private Markets for Regulation • 2020 State Of The Financial Services Industry

Harvard Business Review: Competing in the Age of AI • A Guide to Workforce Transformation • Multi-Cloud Technologies • Yuval Harari's blistering warning to Davos

The New Leadership Playbook for the Digital Age • NACD Board Talk • The Case for AI Transparency Requirements • Why Most Digital Banking Transformation Stall

McKinsey: Global banking annual review 2019 • New wave of digital disruption • Science has shifted our sense of identity • JP Morgan: embracing AI

AI adoption proves its worth • Solving bias in AI • AI and jobs in financial services • Biased humans rather than biased AI