Sitemap - 2021 - Decoding AI®

☕️🟣 Scalable Core • Treaty on AI • Amazon's Researchers on AI • Flawed Datasets

☕️ 🟣 Scaling Responsible AI • Data Exchanges • Flawed AI • Things I Don’t Know About

☕️🟣 Positive AI Economic Futures ‣ What is Clever About AI? ‣ Europe’s Fastest AI Supercomputer ‣ The Paradox of Connectivity

N26 Neobank • What Is Clever About AI? • Data Science for Business • Standardisation of Cyber Attacks

Google gets into Trading Data • AI in Human Resources • AI Models and Energy Consumption

Future of Money • De-biasing in Asset Management•Shiny New Things in ML • Internal Review Boards • Moral Safeguards for ML

What's next for Open Banking?• ESG Fatigue on Boards • Future of Money • Remote Biometric Identification in the EU

NATO AI Strategy • AI Bill of Rights • ESG Reporting Data • Safety in ML Models

Tesla • China's Approach to AI • QR Codes • Cybersecurity Assessment Methodology • Digital Identity

Social Dilemma in AI Development • Enabling Enterprise AI at Scale • Robot Swarms

The Board of The Future • Goldman Sachs • How to Gain Ongoing Value from AI? • On DeFi and RegTech

JP Morgan Chase Replaces IT core • Stifling Data Scientists' Productivity • Humans Must Keep AI in Check says BIS

Smart Glasses • DeFi • AI100 Years Stanford Study • Vertical and Horizontal Scaling of Machine Learning

No-code Automation • Re-use is Smarter than Re-work • Cloud Computing Spending • Neurosymbolic AI

Longevity and Finance • Are we getting AI wrong? • The cost of implementing the EU's AI Act

Open AI Codex • Stablecoins and Future of Money • Explainable NLP • ML Use Cases Explained

Tesla AI Day • AutoML and AI Recruitment Strategy • PNC's $20 billion in Environmental Finance

AI Impact on The EU’s Geopolitical Power • Apple's Privacy Crisis • CEO's Facial Expressions and AI

Ethical Wealth • Stripe Study Case • A Needed Correction for NHS Digital • Nvidia's Morpheus • Feedzai acquires Revelock

Wealth Management's demise? • Square moves into banking • ML in active portfolio management • London's hyper surveillance • European Union industrial data challenge 

Digital Resilience Checklist • Climate Risk is Material Risk • DeFi the next frontier in Finetch innovation ?• Ethical AI in Defence

Synthetic Data • Unexpected CEO •Top Cybersecurity Breaches • Revolut

Digital Transformation at the Board • Geopolitics of Technology Blockades • Eye Tracking • Technology Trends • Fintech Investments

Challenges C-suite Teams Face • Virtualisation of Banking • Location Fraud Detection • Working with Uncertainty

On Debt • Visa's Business Model • How to Integrate Operational Resilience • Deutsche Bank Signs with Oracle • Ethics of AI

AI in Financial Services Report • Finance Apps • Cyber Organisational Resilience • BlackRock’s Aladdin Climate Technology

Automating Bond Transactions • Operational Resilience • Cyber Risk Principles for Boards • Build Production Ready AI • Models UNICEF CyptoFund

What is the Value Gap? • Imbalanced Datasets in Credit Card Fraud Prediction • Robinhood's Risks

Silicon Valley Idealism in Finance ? • ESG Investing+AI • Reinforcement Learning • Global Digital Trust Insights

Why Tech Jargon ? • UK National Data Strategy • Data Driven Company • How to Protect Against Unauthorised Facial Recognition

Automating the CEO? • Emerging Threats in The AI Era •There's no fair AI • Investigating Gender Bias in Language Models

Successful fintechs •The Social Dilemma •ESGT MegaTrends • State of AI Ethics Report • Finetuning of pre-trained large language models

Apple's Privacy Strategy • AI Regulations Are Coming • Paradigm in Machine Learning • Cyberspace War

Amazon Letters • Scandinavian Fintech • Free AI Course • AI Emotion Recognition Cannot be Trusted • The US Federal Trade Commision Act

How to Measure AI Readiness • EU AI Regulations (draft) • Self-supervised Learning • The Mandelbrot set

World Retail Banking Report •Trust in Technolgy Declines • Programmable Money • The Mathematics of War

Regulatory Guidance in Data Ethics • Machine Learning Bias • AI in Payments • Military Strategic Thinking

The impact of AI on the Future of Insurance • Digital Assets • Responsible Use of Technology

Technology Illiterate Boards Erode Business Value • Privacy Class Action • Large Language Models Issues

Big Data and AI Executive Survey 2021 • Ethical Machines • The Fintech Effect report

World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2021 • Bank of America Files Automation Patents • Bias in GPT-2 • Science of Fear

The UK Fintech Review • Boards Competency • The GRI Standards • Cybersecurity Toolbox for Boards

Inflation • 2020 European Strategy for Data • Banking Digital Transformation More Pressing than Ever • Hackers trying to steal over USD 1 billion from financial institutions

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