Sitemap - 2023 - Decoding AI®

QR Codes • Innovation Risks • Cashless Payments • Singleness of Money • The US AI Act

Security Concerns in CBDCs➤Microsoft's Terms of Service Changes➤UK's Text and Data Mining Exception➤Environmental Impact of AI ➤Political Biases in AI

Digital Currencies • Responsible AI Principles • Catastrophic AI Risks • LLMs Safety • Deduplication of Data

Decoding AI® Snapshot

McKinsey on Data Ethics • AI Procurement • Fintech AI • Global CBDCs • Data Science Maturity Model

Is Your Home Network Secure? • AI In Financial Markets • Risks of Autonomous AI Agents • Meaning of Regulations • Manipulation Risk

Schroders GPT Enters Investments • Obituary for CBDC? • Cables Again • Iris Digital Identity • Automating Prompting • Recommenders in Cross-Selling

Fintech AI Literacy • Apple iBank • How to de-risk AI • Why Google Stopped Sharing AI Research • Data Insinuation™

💡NO to CBDC: More Legislation • Generative AI use cases in FinTech • Scared to Death of ChatGPT • Code Leaks

BloombergGPT • Fintech Thoughts • Privacy Self-Defense • Security by Design • Language Modelling • Quantum Resistant Algorithms

Special Edition: A Historic Week in AI + 10 Business Considerations

Cloud Security Risks • Conflict Realism • Spotify’s ML Infrastructure • Adversarial Machine Learning Taxonomy

The Cost of AI Bias • UK AI Regulatory Sandbox • No IP rights for AI • Open AI Needs to Suppress Coding Features

Microsoft:AI & Ethics Not Complementary? • Frictionless CBDCs • Cyberattacks on Steroids • Your CEO is an AI

Corners in Fintech • Privacy in retail CBDCs • Human Agency • Cyber Attacks Reporting • Quantum Machine Learning

Robot Tax • Apple Credit Score • Taser Drones • Another Class Action

Data Sharing Strategy • DataVeil™ • Wirecard Fraud • CBDCs + Digital Money Syndrome

How certain are you? • UK Mythical Unicorn CBDC • Encryption is precarious • AI Audit is needed

How Morgan Stanley Won • The Vibe in Davos • Standardisation of CBDCs • Synthetic Data Strategy • The EU AI Act

Geopolitics of CBDC • The AI Act • AI writes AI code • AI Liabilities for Board Directors